Didask offers Electroinic teaching equipment for universities and technical collages

Our microcontroller boards are specifically designed for Universities, technical collages and schools. The boards offer a great didactic step-by-step learning experience for students. In combination with external modules, a flexible and scalable use is possible.

"DA-Trainer32": Our 32-bit Microcontroller board. Uses Infineon ARM4 microcontroller. Great board to teach control loops, motor control and other automation technologies.

"DA-Trainer8": Our 8-bit Microcontroller board for Starter levels. A great board to teach the basics of microcontroller programming.

Teaching Automation- and Control technology

Our external modules are a great way to teach and learn automation and control technology. Easy and understandable start with our traffic light module "MA-Traffic2" which enables students to program their first crossroad traffic light. Next levels can be reached by using the motor module "MA-Motor1" which includes a motor and one generator. To keep the motor speed always on same rpm is one of the first control loop tasks the students will tackle. With "MA-Angle1" we introduce the possibilty to learn a modern BLDC motor control with an magnetic angle sensor.


Script, excersises and more: everything you need for a good course

Didask offers teaching equipment like script and excersises. The excersises are available for free and offer a step-by-step course to microcontroller programming. The modules are integrated seamlessly and didactical approaches are considered. To give students a great learning experience! A script is also available. The script covers all necessary microcontroller course elements and is used at German universities already.